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The Mousetrap Square.jpg

The Mousetrap

By Agatha Christie

Directed by Marissa Simas

June 10th and 11th, 2024 @ 7pm

Sept. 13th to Sept. 29th, 2024


The Mousetrap revolves around a group of strangers who find themselves snowed in at Monkswell Manor, a guesthouse in the English countryside. Tensions rise when one of them is murdered, and suspicion falls on each guest in turn. As they try to unravel the
mystery, dark secrets from their pasts come to light, leading to unexpected twists and turns. The play keeps the audience guessing as they try to piece together the clues alongside the characters, building suspense until the climactic reveal of the murderer's identity in the final act. With its intricate plot and memorable characters, The Mousetrap remains one of Agatha Christie's most famous and enduring works in the genre of murder mystery.

Character Descriptions:

MOLLIE RALSTON: Mollie is a recently married woman who, along with her husband, has inherited Monkswell Manor and turned it into a guesthouse. She's welcoming and kind-hearted, though sometimes a bit naive about the world.

GILES RALSTON: Giles is Mollie's husband and co-owner of Monkswell Manor. He's more cautious and reserved compared to Mollie, not particularly enthusiastic about running a guesthouse. He tends to be judgmental of their guests and holds traditional values.

CHRISTOPHER WREN: Christopher is a young architect with a lively and often inappropriate sense of humor. He can come across as both playful and slightly unsettling due to his energy and unpredictable behavior.

MRS. BOYLE: Mrs. Boyle is a retired woman who stays at Monkswell Manor as a guest. She's known for her sharp and critical manner, having high standards and rarely being satisfied. She seems to derive pleasure from expressing disappointment.

MAJOR METCALF: Metcalf is a retired army officer who is friendly and helpful, especially in difficult situations like the snowstorm that occurs during their stay at Monkswell Manor. He remains composed and calm, a steady presence amidst conflict.

MISS CASEWELL: Miss Casewell is a modern and somewhat distant young woman who is traveling for business. She keeps to herself, unwilling to engage in personal conversations or care much about what others think of her.

MR. PARAVICINI: Mr. Paravicini is a mysterious and charming man whose reasons for being at Monkswell Manor are unclear. He enjoys playing with the uncertainty of the other guests and takes a particular interest in Mollie, the hostess.

SGT. TROTTER: Detective Sgt. Trotter is a young detective assigned to investigate the situation at Monkswell Manor. He's determined and authoritative in his pursuit of the truth, focused on unraveling the mysteries surrounding the guests and the events unfolding at the guesthouse.

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