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Auditions  for
The Viewing Room
will be held
July 10 & 11 - 7:00PM
at the
Ezekiel Bates Lodge
71 North Main St
Attleboro, MA


Matthew Dumbrosky - Youngest son. Sarcastic. Full of Angst. Ex-Navy. (Actor is on the stage for the entire play.)  -  Age 40's  (224  Lines)


 Chester Dumbrosky  -  Recently deceased father. Retired military. Almost obsessively frugal during his life. (Actor is on the stage for the entire play. Must not be clostrophobic as spends some time in a closed casket) - Age 80's (218 Lines)


Florence Dumbrosky  -  Recently widowed mother.  Ditzy.  Traditionalist who is now beginning to think about her "freedom". Prone to malapropisms - Age 70's (112 Lines)


Steven Dumbrosky  -  Middle son. Ex-Athlete. Somewhat arrogant - Age 50's (120 Lines)


Patti Dumbrosky  -  Older daughter.  Nurse.  Forgiving - Age 40's (Lines 103)


Debby Dumbrosky  -  Younger daughter. Claims to be clairvoyant. Outspoken - Age 40's (80 Lines)


Chet Jr. Dumbrosky - Estranged oldest son. Musician. Stubborn. - Age 50's (50 Lines)


Jay Hollerback - Funeral Home Director. Solemn. Very good at his job.  Cannot see Chester. Age 50's (30 Lines)


The part of Jay Hollerback can be played by either male or female.

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